First in a series of interviews with CNY EIA (in this case; Empathetic, Intelligent and Amazing) role models. We will learn how they incorporate empathy into business and day to day life during these times that can be stressful and frustrating.

Kristin is joined by Kate D. Mahoney; author, speaker, patient advocate and friend. One way to get to know Kate better is reading her book Misfit Miracle Girl; Candid Reflections. Available in our gift shop.

kate houck: executive director, david's refuge

reverend joe colon: st. joseph's hospital health center

Andrew's mission to create homes for the homeless is inspiring. While work continues today, the full effect of the collaborative effort that includes many local CNY volunteers, is on hold. I thank Andrew for taking the time to share his vision, challenges and uncertainty amidst running a business during this time of ever-changing direction. Learn more about opportunities to help at

Empathy in action interview series

kate mahoney: speaker, author, patient advocate

Today I am speaking with Kate Houck, Executive Director of David's Refuge. Caring and providing resources for caregivers has new and unique challenges in this time of self-isolation. Isolating a family who cares for a child with special needs or a medical condition can bring additional pressures to an already trying situation. Kate and her staff are adapting their services to most help their families. They are an inspiration. Learn more at and join in and be a part of their "Be the Light" campaign.

Michael daniel sgro: michael sgro leadership coaching



Michael Sgro is a central New York community builder, leadership coach, empathy strategist and so much more. His approach to incorporating empathy into business practice and leadership skills is imperative in our revolution to make the world a kinder and gentler place. Learn more about Michael at

We continue to speak with role models and leaders within our community about adapting to change and incorporating empathy into our practice. Rev. Joe offers a unique frontline perspective on how Covid-19 is being experienced in the spiritual relationship services within healthcare.​

Andrew Lunetta: executive director, Tiny home for good