Marianne's younger years prepared her for her role as leader of her community. Her faith and knowing in her heart what was right led her to overcome fear and make difficult decisions. She was an ordinary woman who made extraordinary choices. Can we also look within our hearts, see past our fears and find purpose in serving others during this time?

Barbara to Sister to Mother to Saint

Staying Connected We can learn from these years in Marianne's life the importance of staying connected. We can find purpose in caring for our families, friends and neighbors during a time of isolation. We are not alone. Who can you reach out to today?

Finding joy, being grateful and having hope. Marianne and the sisters believe in whole mind, body and spirit healing. In addition to medical comfort, the patients they cared for in isolation were provided a community of opportunities to live a full life with education, crafts, music and celebration. We know from this history that joy can be found during the most fearful times, and that joy and gratefulness can nurture hope. 

Marianne and Sisters: First 5 years in Hawaii

Marianne: Beauty & Dignity

Spring is an ideal time for isolation. Everyday as we are witness to rebirth of the earth, we can find hope. Look for the little comforts and let them inspire you to find hope.

​crafts, sewing & stories

thinking about marianne these days...

video series

video series

From Marianne's desk in the Saint Marianne Cope Museum, Kristin shares Marianne's talent and skill in letter-writing including Easter greetings and advice for hard times.

We can all make a difference. Have hope. 

Kristin Barrett-Anderson, Director of the  Shrine & Museum, virtually shares reflections from exhibits during this time of isolation and social distancing

Today we are talking about Mother Marianne and the responsibility that Marianne took on when she received that title as head of the community of Sisters of St. Francis. To mothers everywhere "You are amazing".

Enjoying Spring and Little Comforts

A heart-to-heart with Marianne

​connection and correspondence

Kristin Barrett-Anderson, executive director of the  Shrine & Museum, recorded a reflection on Marianne, her story and her legacy, so important in these days of hand-washing, self-care and isolation. With the museum closed to the public for the foreseeable future, Kristin will virtually share reflections from exhibits at the shrine and museum.  

As devoted stewards of Saint Marianne Cope's life and legacy our mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret and share Saint Marianne's inspiring story as a Sister of St. Francis.

Sister Leopoldina Burns' journals share many stories of crafts and adventures for the sisters and the girls in their care during the years in Kalaupapa. Kristin reads a particularly heartwarming excerpt about angels.


overcoming fear and finding a purpose