Make sure to check in with us regularly, as we are always working on programs and events to honor Saint Marianne and the sisters. We appreciate your support!


We can make a connection across the nation with Marianne’s inspiring message of hope and strength. Extend the gift of kindness wherever you go. Open the door for someone, make someone smile, call a friend, yield in traffic: the opportunities are endless.

Brighten The Day
In celebration of Saint Marianne’s Feast Day, the staff of the shrine and museum are giving to others. Just as Marianne and her sisters have lived in service to those in need, we have again looked around us, our community and where we stand right now, to determine what we can do to make life better for those who are going through their personal challenges.

This year, we have chosen to brighten the day of patients, staff and in particular, nurses at St. Joseph’s Health.

Tulips Of Hope
On Tuesday, January 25, tulips will be in abundance at the hospital opened by the sisters 150 years ago. Tulips to symbolize HOPE for spring and growth, beauty and opportunity for a new start. Consider giving one to a patient, a cherished co-worker or a friend. How many people’s day can we brighten together?

Gifts To Bring Joy
St. Joseph’s staff will also be helping to distribute Nurse’s Prayer Cards to nurses and plushy dogs to dementia patients.

"Sister Mail"
In our effort to connect the Sisters of St. Francis with the hospital staff, we are facilitating a “Sister Mail” service. Blank notecards and mailboxes will be strategically placed so that hospital staff can write a card to the sisters, ask for and send prayers to our sisters isolating in Syracuse and possibly continue a correspondence of prayers, support and inspiration. The museum staff, along with Patient Experience will facilitate the delivery of “Sister Mail” between the Franciscan Villa and St. Joseph’s staff. Look for the mailboxes and create connection.

Feast Day Initiative 2022