​Prayer rooted in faith, springs from our response to God’s love for us and is the foundation of our spiritual life, our relational commitment and our service in ministry. For the Sisters of St. Francis there is no end or retirement from the ministry of prayer. It is a ministry taken seriously and most especially by sisters retired from active ministry.​


Prayers for Saint Marianne's intercession have brought hope and healing to so many.

Prayer to Saint Marianne

Lord Jesus, you gave us your commandment of love of God and neighbor, and identified yourself in a special way with the most needy of your people, hear our prayer. Faithful to your teaching, Saint Marianne Cope loved and served her neighbor, especially the most desolate outcast, giving herself generously and heroically for those afflicted by leprosy. She alleviated their physical and spiritual sufferings, thus helping them to accept their afflictions with patience. Her care and concern for others manifested the great love you have for us. Through her merits and intercession, grant us the favor which we confidently ask of you so that the people of God, following the apostolate, may practice charity towards all according to your word and example. Amen.


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The Sisters of Saint Francis of the Neumann Communities are privileged to have a saint among us. Saint Marianne showed compassion, dignity and respect to all and in her honor, we show the same to her relics and her legacy. The Saint Marianne Cope Shrine and Museum has chosen not to mail relics.

We are humbled by your request and apologize that we are unable to share a relic with you.  Many miracles have been given by God through Saint Marianne. We encourage you to pray to Saint Marianne. It is our hope that through your prayer and faith, her intercession may ease pain and provide peace in suffering.

 We appreciate your support of her inspiring legacy. 

All prayer requests are given to a community of sisters who pray for your intention through Saint Marianne's Intercession.