Finding joy, being grateful and having hope. Marianne and the sisters believe in whole mind, body and spirit healing. In addition to medical comfort, the patients they cared for in isolation were provided a community of opportunities to live a full life with education, crafts, music and celebration. We know from this history that joy can be found during the most fearful times, and that joy and gratefulness can nurture hope.

“Let us make best use of the fleeting moments. They will not return."    Mother Marianne 1905

Mother Marianne and the Sisters of St. Francis are among the notable women that Spectrum News Central New York is celebrating during Women's History month by highlighting influential community leaders past and present. Reporter Brad Vivacqua was onsite at the Shrine and Museum in Syracuse on Monday March 9, where he talked with Director Kristin Barrett-Anderson about the many notable contributions Mother and the Sisters of St. Francis made and that the sisters continue to make. Saint Marianne will be featured throughout the month in the station’s Women in History series. Brad was impressed and inspired by everything that he learned about Saint Marianne, and he urged viewers to visit the shrine and museum to experience all that it has to offer. View the video

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We can all make a difference. Have hope. 

The Museum created in Marianne’s honor has asked “how can we be of service to our community?” and how can we carry on the legacy of Marianne and her religious sisters?

​The Sisters of St. Francis “live” compassionate empathy. While Saint Marianne and her sisters dedicated their lives in service to others, we can learn from their example how to practice effective empathy and incorporate it into our daily lives. Our goal is to teach and spread the practice of empathy and challenge our community to be a kinder and gentler place to live, work and grow. Visit for more information.​ 
Empathy in Action’s interviews included organizations adjusting to the pandemic in order to serve our community. They are an amazing group who’s work and stories provide so much inspiration and strength and we appreciate every one of them for taking time out to speak with us. Check out all the interviews on Empathy in Action's  YouTube channel


Father Joseph Clemente, Pastor of the Saint Marianne Cope Parish in Solvay, New York

We are fortunate to meet new friends nearly every day that are devoted to helping carry on the inspiring legacy of Saint Marianne and the Sisters! 

CNY Spectrum News Features SOSF Sisters


As devoted stewards of Saint Marianne Cope's life and legacy our mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret and share Saint Marianne's inspiring story as a Sister of St. Francis.

Receiving and sharing our news means that you are also involved in helping spread the legacy of Saint Marianne and The Sisters of Saint Francis.

Kristin Barrett-Anderson, executive director of the  Shrine & Museum, recorded a reflection on Marianne, her story and her legacy, so important in these days of hand-washing, self-care and isolation. With the museum closed to the public for the foreseeable future, Kristin will virtually share reflections from exhibits at the shrine and museum.  

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Marianne: Beauty & Dignity

The Wolfgang Family of Connecticut

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To view all of the videos in this series, visit the Thinking About Marianne These Days Page 
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A heart-to-heart with Marianne

Quarantine and social distancing have now become commonplace globally as concerted efforts are made to fight the spiraling coronavirus outbreak. We have been making the most of technology to stay in touch with colleagues, friends and family via phone calls, texts, social media and video conferencing. We ask you to join us in focusing on positivity in our communities and by taking it one day at a time. We must be "Present to the Moments" and know that this stressful time is not permanent.