On August 9th, we honored the anniversary of Mother Marianne Cope’s death by celebrating the local service organizations that "carry the torch" today. We featured nine local organizations that we feel act in the spirit of Saint Marianne and the sisters by providing for the underserved in our community, championing social justice issues and caring for animals and the environment. The nine organizations were featured daily in conjunction with the Novena (9-days of prayer) to Mother Marianne.

We awarded a $2,000 college scholarship to a student nominated by one of the service organizations.

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Looking ahead to 2018: ***Please consider anyone affiliated with your organization who is currently or is enrolled in college for the 2018 fall semester. This can be a volunteer, a staff member or a person who benefits from your services. Please submit a letter giving the name of your nominee along with an explanation of why you believe they are deserving. The scholarship will be awarded in September and given directly to the college bursars office.


Annual Saint Marianne Cope Scholarship

Scholarship Award  

 “Saint Marianne Cope made the world a better place in so many ways, especially with her innovative ideas in the medical field and by being very humble in life. She showed me that “Nothing is impossible. There are ways which lead to everything…” and my journey has just begun.” -Excerpt from previous scholarship entry

Eligibility criteria expands beyond academic achievement. Our scholarship selection committee is looking for ambition and drive, determination to reach goals, respect for self, family and community and the ability to succeed in college.

Congratulations to Raven Seabrook, our 2017 Saint Marianne Cope Scholarship Recipient!

Raven was nominated by Purpose Farm Youth Program and Animal Rescue. Here, Raven shares her talents and shows her love by sacrificing most of her free time to build a safe haven for the youth and animals that depend on the farm. We are confident she will prove herself a worthy recipient of this scholarship award through 
exemplary performance during her studies and by carrying on the legacy of Saint Marianne Cope.